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Varices pagkatapos ng operasyon

Gastric varices are less prevalent than esophageal varices and are present in 5–33% of patients with portal hypertension with a reported incidence of bleeding of about 25% in 2 years, with a higher bleeding incidence for fundal varices.

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Variceal Banding Bleeding in the digestive tract, specifically the esophagus and stomach, is a very serious complication associated with cirrhosis. This bleeding occurs in people with cirrhosis because of increased blood pressure in the veins that carry blood from the digestive tract to the liver.

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Bleeding from varices is a medical emergency. If the bleeding is not controlled quickly, a person may go into shock or die. This increased pressure in the portal vein causes blood to be pushed.
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Placement of nasogastric tubes and esophageal stethoscopes in patients with documented esophageal varices. Ritter DM(1), Rettke SR, Hughes RW Jr, Burritt MF, Sterioff S, Ilstrup DM. Author information: (1)Department of Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.
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Catastrophic bleeding from gastric varices rupture is a life-threatening emergency. In many instances a Sengstaken-Blakemore balloon tube cannot stop the .

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