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Gintong bigote application ng varicose veins

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Varicose Veins. What are varicose veins? Veins are blood vessels that return deoxygenated blood from the outer parts of the body back to the heart and lungs.The generator and ProCurve V applicator of the Precision System allow highly accurate and customized varicose vein treatments. Using bipolar radiofrequency .Background: Varicose veins of the lower extremities affect about 60% of the adult population in America. In Nigeria varicose veins are highly under reported, .Most varicose veins can be managed with non-surgical treatment such as compression stockings, which apply a steady pressure to the legs to help the veins .May 8, 2017 While it's true that both spider veins and varicose veins have similar causes, symptoms, and treatments.

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